Erin Boudreault

Administrative Associate

Erin Boudreault

In the industry since: 2002

Background & Qualifications:

  • Canadian Securities Course
  • Conduct & Practices Handbook
  • Investment Representative Training
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hon), University of Ottawa

Erin joined The Delfino Group in 2008 and provides valuable client service administration and organizational support to the team. She also assists Paul & Sharon in the investment and financial planning process.

Fun Facts

  • What Were You Like as a Child: I plead the fifth.
  • Proudest Moment: Getting married to my best friend.
  • Favourite Book: It’s too hard to pick just one. That’s like picking your favourite child.
  • Most Valued Quality in a Person: Loyalty.
  • If You Won $1 Million Dollars Tomorrow, You Would: Invest most of it for the future. Donate some of it to causes close to my heart. Spend a little bit & go on a great vacation.
  • Life Philosophy: Be happy and have hope.
  • Favourite Thing About Working for Paul: Getting to really know our clients and working as a team to help them meet their goals.