“You and your team are the best! We appreciate the one-stop service for investing, financial assessment and retirement planning — even estate questions. Again & again you have proven that we can count on you… and we do. Your professionalism and personal attention make the biggest difference.”
Anne & Barry, Clients Since 1994 & 2004

“We value your no-pressure approach, how accommodating you & your staff are and your consistent approach to investment.”
Claire & Jeanne, Clients Since 2000

“We love the service. Both Sharon and Erin are incredible. They have never said “we don’t do that” or “we don’t provide that”. The same can be said for yourself. Whether it be advice on car loans or University decisions, you are there for us.”
Stephanie & Luke, Clients Since 1996

“I am very pleased with your service. Your assistants are very efficient, courteous and always friendly. You take the time to explain everything to me. Thank you!”
Nicole, Client Since 1996

“We value your team’s professionalism and responsiveness no matter what our issue or question is. Your “straight-talk” is always appreciated. You help us with the planning as well as the execution of our financial plan.”
Gary & Janet, Clients Since 1995

“We are confident that you are monitoring our portfolio on a regular basis. We especially like that there’s controlled planning and planned buying/selling. You, Sharon & Erin are all very personable and knowledgeable. It’s comforting to know that your team has a history together and that we will be dealing with the same terrific people every time we call. You instill confidence and your longevity at ScotiaMcLeod & personal success assures us that coming to you was the right move… better late than never!”
Jackie & Gord, Clients Since 2010

“We value your advice and the really excellent service that Sharon & Erin provide. Your newsletters and occasional notices when there has been a drastic slump in the market help us to understand what’s going on.”
Lynne, Client Since 2000

“The most valuable service you provide is the customization and implementation of recommendations to build and maintain a portfolio tailored to a client’s personal situation.”
Ralph, Client Since 1994

“We find it really valuable that you & your team are always ready to help or meet with us to answer our questions.”
The Trans, Clients Since 1999